Oupree mDNS Video Encoder

Oupree encoders come with built-in support for mDNS, which allows them to automatically discover and register devices and services on the network without the need for configuring a traditional DNS server. 

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Video Encoding GOP, M and N.

A GOP(Group of pictures) typically starts with an I-frame (Intra-coded frame) followed by P-frames (Predicted frames) and or B-frames (Bi-directionally predicted frames). A common GOP structure might be "IBBPBBP..." or "IBB...

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Troubleshooting and Resolution Settings for Oupree Encoder with PC Input

When your computer is connected to oupreeencoder and the set resolution does not match the output, this is usually due to a variety of reasons such as the encoder may not supporting certain resolutions, graphics card

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What's Quantization Parameter (QP) in Video Encoder?

Quantization Parameter (QP) plays a crucial role in video encoding, affecting both compression efficiency and video quality For Oupree Video Encoder, Min QP range from 1-35, preset value is 5, and 42 for Max QP

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