https ssl function of video Encoder

Oupree Encoder supports https ssl function with new firmware, updated from May 20, 2024

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Oupree relaunch of the popular E4KP H.265 4K60 HDMI IP Streaming Encoder

Oupree company has announced the relaunch of their popular E4KP H265 4K60 HDMI Video Encoder, This encoder is designed for professional video and audio processing, with a focus on H264 and H265 encoding

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The Principle and Application of VGA Encoder

VGA Encoder is a device that encodes and transmits VGA signals over IP networks

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Audio and Video Transmission Solution Over IP

AVoIP stands for Audiovisual over Internet Protocol, It is a method of transmitting audio and video signals over IP networks

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Oupree IP Streaming Encoder with Video Rotation Function

Oupree IP Streaming Encoder supports video rotation function, you can rotate the video by 90 180 270 degrees in the encoder control panel, This can help you adjust the video orientation according to your needs

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OPR-NH100P - A Powerful and Versatile HDMI IP Streaming Encoder

If you are looking for a device that can encode and stream high-definition video and audio over the internet, you may want to check out the OPR-NH100P 1 Channel H 265 HDMI IP Live Streaming Encoder from Oupree Techn

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How to Set the Playback address for IP Video Decoder?

RTSP uses TCP to transmit data and plays it with our Video Decoder We can also choose the transmission mode as shown below,

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RTMP Protocol and H265 Codec - Challenges and Solutions

Oupree Video Encoder support H265 rtmp to the media streaming server which with H265 supported rtmp

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What's the advantage of Oupree POE HDMI Video Encoder?

Oupree POE HDMI Video Encoder is a device that can encode video and audio signals and transmit them over Ethernet cables along with power The advantage of a POE encoder is that it can:- Reduce the cost and complexit

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Oupree Video Encoder with Deblocking Function

Oupree Video Encoder with deblocking function, deblocking filter is a video filter that smooths the sharp edges or block artifacts that can appear in compressed video Block artifacts are caused by the use of block codi

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