MP10U H.265 UVC HDMI Media Player

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H.265 UVC HDMI Media Player – complete with video encoder and decoder functions, is a versatile professional audio and video decoding device. It is capable of supporting H.265/H.264 IP Stream inputs or playing video files from a USB drive, and outputting to HDMI and USB (UVC to computer). In addition, it can encode videos from the USB drive into various streaming formats, such as RTMP/RTMPS, HTTP, RTSP, SRT, UDP, RTP, etc. This multi-functional device provides a comprehensive solution for your audio and video needs.

With high integration and cost-effective design, this device widely used in variety of fields, such as Multimedia Distribution, Advertisement Display, Digital Signage, CCTV, Long Distance Video transmit (with our encoder), etc.

Product features
1.    Embedded Linux System, stable and effective, 7 x 24h working time.
2.    Friendly Web Control UI, default IP is (as Decoder), (as Encoder).
3.    Support output resolution - 3840×2160@30fps, 1080P/1080I/720P@60FPS, etc.
4.    USB Input: play videos from a USB drive.
5.    USB Output: UVC to computer (UVC video capture and output to computer through USB)
6.    Support Text and image insert as OSD output.
7.    With English control panel & language customizable.
8.    Support H.265/H.264 baseline /main /high profile decoding.
9.    Support firmware upgrade.
10.  Support remote control via router port forward. 

As Encoder - its admin ip will be

Video source - Udisk video files with our transcode-tool.exe.

UVC HDMI Media Player-Encoder-status

Encoder - settings page,

UVC HDMI Media Player-Encoder-settings


As Decoder - its admin ip is

UVC HDMI Media Player-Decoder-status

Play address, it support source from u-disk video files or network video streaming,

UVC HDMI Media Player-Decoder-url

1.    Long distance video transfer.
2.    Internet TV (IPTV) HD capture system
3.    Internet video conference front-end capture
4.    Digital signage HD streaming server
5.    Teaching broadcast
6.    Network monitoring system platform front-end capture


Input TS Protocols SRT / HTTP(S) / FLV / RTSP / RTMP(S) / UDP/ RTP (Unicast/ Multicast), ONVIF, etc.
Private HTTP PTE
U-disk (FAT32/NTFS) H264 video files by our transcode-tool.exe, max supports 1080p@60
Audio 3.5MM Line-in
Video Decoding Video type H.265 main profile
H.264 baseline/ main/ high profile L4.2
MJPEG/ JPEG baseline
FPS 1-60fps for 1080P and below, 4K@30fps
bitrate (kbps) 32-32000
Resolution Max 3840*2160@30fps /  1080P@60fps
Audio Decoding Type G711A/ G711U/ AAC/ AAC+/ AAC++/ AC3/ MP2/ MP3
Audio Channels L/ R Stereo
Sample rates 8000/ 11250/ 22500/ 44100/ 48000 Hz
Video output HDMI & UVC 1080P@60/ 1080P@50/ 1080P30/ 1080P25/ 720P60/ 720P50/ 576P50/ 480P60
CSC Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation
Audio output HDMI 48KHz L / R
3.5MM L / R
Others Ethernet Ports 1000 Mbit/s full-duplex
admin page HTTP WEB
Power 12V 1A <5W
Operating temperature -20℃ + 80℃
Relative Humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing
Dimension (L× W× H) 85 X 55 X 30mm
Weight 130g