How to transmit video between 2 destinations?

The main purpose of the solution, to solve the outdoor network live broadcast, as well as long-distance transmission, and off-site video production to provide feasible solutions. (AVoIP-audio and video transmission solution over IP).

Oupree HDMI IP Streaming Encoder (IP supports SRT / HTTP / HLS / FLV / RTSP / RTMP(S) / UDP/RTP (Unicast/Multicast) TS Stream Protocols.
HDMI SDI VGA CVBS Decoder (nginx-rtmp-module embedded)  (IP  supports SRT / HTTP / HLS / FLV / RTSP / RTMP(S) / UDP/RTP (Unicast/Multicast) ts decoding.
Here as rtmp push to decoder, Encoder push rtmp    url will be  rtmp://decoder ip:1935/live/ -you can set any stream name what you want to be.
Case 1. Encoder with Decoder in different cities.
Do port forwarding  for Encoder or Decoder.

Here take oupree video decoder with port forwarding as example,

Encoder side settings,
 Decoder url settings,

If  can't do port  forwarding for Video Encoder or Video Decoder,
Then we need sends Live  Stream to 3rd party stream media server (such as Wowza, Akamai …) by Encoder.
Decoder get stream  from the 3rd stream media server.

Case 2.
Encoder (IP  Streamer) with Video Decoder in same LAN, Video Encoder/Decoder connects with WiFi/RJ45 network.
The decoder can pull the IP stream from encoder directly.

transmit video over rj45 in LAN