How to convert IPC rtsp to RTMP Stream?

With  the rapid development of the security monitoring industry, more and more  surveillance cameras are widely used, but mostly of the IP cameras are support RTSP  ONVIF protocols, it’s not easy to view the video over internet or from other  location.

By Oupree OPR-D4KP 4K 60FPS HDMI CVBS  Decoder & Transcoder, you can decode the IP camera RTSP stream  (also, supports SRT / HTTP(S) / HLS / FLV / RTMP(S) / UDP/RTP  (Unicast/Multicast), ONVIF stream), and output HDMI, CVBS and L/R stereo  audio, at the same time, our OPR-D4KP can do re-stream, convert the IPC –RTSP  stream to rtmp & push to the 3rd party live stream platform or media  streaming server.
With Oupree OPR-D4KP Decoder & Transcoder,  you don’t need to do any changes for the original surveillance camera, the OPR-D4KP  converts the RTSP video stream from the surveillance camera into an RTMP live  stream.

 How to convert IPC rtsp to RTMP Stream
 1.  Copy the RTSP URL from the IP camera.
 2.  Login the WEB control panel of D4KP, click the 'Input Stream Address ', and paste the RTSP url.
 Oupree OPR-D4KP Decoder & Transcoder
 3. Click  the 'transcoding settings', set the RTMP URL of the  platform we want to push to, then enable it.
 Oupree OPR-D4KP Decoder & Transcoder
4.   Oupree OPR-D4KP Decoder & Transcoder Decodec output resolution for HDMI & CVBS,
Oupree OPR-D4KP Decoder & Transcoder