HDMI Media Player Video Transcoder Guide

To effectively use the 'transcode-tool.exe' on a Windows OS for our HDMI Media Player, please follow these steps:

1. Launch the Software: Unzip and run the 'transcode-tool.exe'.

2. Select the Video File: Import the video file you wish to transcode by dragging and dropping it into the software interface.

3. Set the Video Parameters: Specify your desired video size and set the bitrate. For a 1080P video, we recommend a bitrate between 4000kbps to 6000kbps.

4. Rotation Function: This software also features a rotation function. You can select rotation degrees of 90, 180, or 270 based on your display requirements.

Video Transcoder for hdmi Media Player

5. Start Transcoding: After setting all parameters, click on 'transcode' to initiate the transcoding process. The software will generate a new file with the same name as the original, but prefixed with 'play_'. 

6. Access the Transcoded Video: Once the process is complete, you can access the transcoded video by double-clicking the yellow line in the software interface. This will open the file folder containing the transcoded video.

Video Transcoder  for hdmi Media Player -2

For this 'transcode-tool.exe' software, you can contact us to get it.