Drone Video Transmission Solution

Drone Video Transmission Solution can be used for on-site high-definition video transmission, long-distance transmission, emergency, resource exploration, broadcasting and television.
Due to various factors, our human visual range is limited, and we can only obtain a broader view through external devices. With drones and high-definition camera equipment, we can expand our vision. We mainly hope to obtain high-resolution images, videos, and two-dimensional or three-dimensional images that can describe the shape of objects, but the data volume occupied by high-resolution images is very large. As the ground resolution increases, the image data required for transmission grows geometrically, and the data bit rate also increases rapidly. High-speed image transmission has become an important issue restricting drone applications. Oupree company has developed a complete drone video transmission solution based on existing video encoding and decoding equipment.
The solution uses Q7/Q8S 4G/5G HD live broadcast encoders and IP video decoder transcoders as the main products. They can transmit the pictures/videos taken by drones to anywhere in the world that needs to watch through the network.
The video transmission schematic diagram is as follows:

Solution Description:

1. The high-definition camera equipment on the drone transmits the video signal to the Q7 video encoder, which encodes the video signal and compresses it through the DSP chip to output a standard TS network stream.
2. The decoder receives rtmp from Q7, decodes it, and outputs HDMI SDI VGA or CVBS video signals.

Design Features:
1. The device operation is simple, just need to transmit the video signal of the drone to the Q7 encoder for encoding and transmission, the decoder can get the network stream and decode it, completing the entire operation process.
2. Strong usability: Adopt high-tech means, intelligent design, reduce the complexity of system operation, ensure that the system works stably and reliably, and maintenance is simple.
3. Long transmission distance: It can solve the problem of long-distance viewing or local saving of images. The use point of the drone and the observation point can be in different places. Converting the video stream into a network stream for transmission solves the problem of long-distance spatial transmission.
4. Clear transmission image: The system adopts H.265 H.264 HD digital video compression technology, which has stable and reliable, high-definition, low bit rate, low latency and other characteristics; the transmitted video can reach D1 effect, making the image shot by the drone clearly presented to the user.

Application Industry:

Widely used in emergency, resource exploration, broadcasting and television, news media cameras, technical reconnaissance, fire rescue and other actions, can be used for on-site high-definition video transmission, long-distance transmission.