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  • OPR-SH105 Pro 3G HD SD SDI to HDMI Converter

  • OPR-SH105
  • OPR-SH105
  • Detailed description

  • OPR-SH105 Professinal SDI to HDMI Converter
    - Designs for professional Broadcast Using, which converts SDI to HDMI signal and transfer to HDMI monitor. Easy to install & Use, supports 3G HD SD-SDI signals input, and max output 1080P @60hz, 1 loop SDI can extend SDI signals up to 100 Meter.


    PCBA Designed for 2U Chassis

    SDI to HDMI Converter


    Supports HDMI1.3 and backward.
    Max Supports HDMI 1080p@60Hz output.
    Super long hours for 7×24 hours without stop.

    Supports HDMI 1080p@60Hz outpu 7×24 hours without stop

    Tech Specs

    Product SDI to HDMI Converter
    Input HD-SDI(SMPTE 259M/ SMPTE 292M/ SMPTE 296M/ SMPTE 274M)

    HDMI1.3 and backward.


    HDMI A - Male
    HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M, 424M)/BNC

    Power Consumption 5V DC (±0.5V) / 1000mA ± 10%
    SDI Input Resolution 1080P @60HZ (SMPTE274M) HDTV
    1080P @50HZ (SMPTE274M) HDTV
    1080P @30HZ (SMPTE274M) HDTV
    1080P @25HZ (SMPTE274M) HDTV
    1080P @24HZ (SMPTE274M) HDTV
    1080i @60/50Hz (SMPTE274M /SMPTE295M) HDTV
    720P @60HZ (SMPTE296M) HDTV
    720P @50HZ (SMPTE296M) HDTV
    PAL-I (ITU-R BT601.5)SDTV
    PAL-B,G,H(ITU-R BT601.5)SDTV
    PAL-N(ITU-R BT601.5)SDTV
    HDMI Output Resolution


    Compliance RoHS
    Temperature Operating temperature. 10 °C - 40 °C (50-104°F)
    Relative Humidity. < 85%
    Storage temperature. -10 °C - 85 °C (14~176°F)
    Dimensions 135(L) x 110(W) x 26(H) mm
    Housing Aluminium Alloy

    OPR-SH105Pro SDI to HDMI Converter *1Pc
    Power Adapter *1Pc
    Manual * 1Pc
    Giftbox *1Pc

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