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OPR-TS8000 HDMI to IP & ASI Converter with HashCode Remove functions
OPR-TS8000 HashCodes Remover HDMI Encoder with ASI output

OPR-TS7000 HashCode Remover & HDMI Encoder
OPR-TS7000 HashCode Remove HDMI Encoder

OPR-TS7000 (TS8000 with ASI output) HashCode Remover & HDMI Encoder - This Encoder is designed for STB DVB HDMI Video hashcode / watermark / fingerprint / logo remove, hide or blurring on the fly.

  1. How it works?
  2. Streaming Software Setup & Run.
    a. Stream Resolution settings.
  3. Adwanced Setup
    1). Added Logo for stream.
    2). Change the stream video quality.
    3). CodeProfile change, Set High / Main / Baseline Profile.
  4. How to Upgrade the Software?

1. How it works?

This Encoder by compare with 2 STBs' Sync HDMI input signals, automatically detect & hide / blurring the different video contents, such as the hashcode / video logo / watermark, etc..
How the OPR-TS7000 HashCode Remove HDMI Encoder works?

Software - Setup & Run

1). After the system starts, the HD Encoder Streaming Software run automatically.


2). Click the HDMI Input Preview Video, will pop up a window for RTMP / HTTP / UDP stream settings as below, DON'T forget to enable the compared Channel. After all settings done, click the save button.
For the being compared channels, Please don't enable its RTMP HTTP UDP/RTP options.

3. HDMI Input and output stream Quality / Resolution as below, for 720P@50/60fps input, default stream output is 25/30fps, if you want output 50/60fps, you can select 50/60, and password is 1234.

HDMI Input Stream Quality Stream Resolution
1080i@50/60 Super 1920*1080@25/30
Ultra 1440*1080@25/30
720P@50/60 Excellent 1280*720@25/30 50/60
Good 1120*630@25/30 50/60
Fair 960*540@25/30 50/60
Poor 800*468@25/30 50/60
Mobile 480*270@25/30 50/60

3. Click Start, the HD Encoder will start to work.
Channel: No. text change to green color as below, means the RTMP works, if red color, means the RTMP connection has errors, you need check the encoder RTMP or your media server settings.


Also, you can click Close the  preview b to disable / enable the hdmi input video preview to save the encoder CPU.
close review

4. You can check the output streams by click URL, below photo shows that CH1, 3, 5, 7 are running RTMP.

Advanced Setup.

1. Added Logo for your stream, the logo png files under "computer/usr/local/EncodeApp/station/" (you can click the "home" on the desktop, then click the left computer), place your own PNG logos and replace them, keep name as station1.png, etc.

2. global_setting_config.xml under "computer/usr/local/EncodeApp/config/", before you change the configuration of the global_setting_config.xml, pls backup it. After you set ok, click the Save. actual configuration may differ from the below contents.

Global settings

a. Stream video quality. You can select the VBR or CBR for the output stream video quality. When ASI output enabled, CBR is available only..

…… ……
above is for VBR bitrate settings, from Super to Mobile, we suggest the value set from 28-42 as you need, the value smaller, the stream bitrate will be larger, and stream with better video quality.

…… ……
Above is for the CBR settings, you can input the bitrate you want.

b.<CompareErrThrPixel>4</CompareErrThrPixel> value from 0-16
   <CompareErrThrBlock>10</CompareErrThrBlock> value from 0-100
when the output stream show below photo,means the 2 STBs HDMI has too much difference, please ensure the 2 STBs are same brand, and all settings are same, or just reset your STB and make ensure all the settings are same. If still not works well, pls contact us for support.
no signal

c. <EliminateExpandWidth>20</EliminateExpandWidth>
This is for the hashcodes width, if can't hide all the hashcodes or hide too much, you can set the value per your need.

This is for the encode profiles settings, 0 is High Profile, 1 is Main Profile, 2 is Baseline Profile.
e. <HttpServerPort>80</HttpServerPort>
This is for http stream port settings, the 80 and 8080 for http as default ports has been opened.

Latest software version
(If http not works, you need to open the ports for the http, Cliclk Application-Sundry-Firewall), you can mail to us for support.
3. How to upgrade the Hashcode Remove Video Encoder software?
a. Before upgrade the encoder software, pls close the HD Encoder software.
b.Extract the (you can contact us and get the latest software)
c. Open the folder, right click on blank, and select the Open in Terminal, type command as below photo shows, it will automatic upgrade the software.
chmod +x

upgrade the OPR-TS7000 Hashcode Remove Video Encoder

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