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  • OPR-TS7000 HashCode Remove HDMI Encoder

  • OPR-TS7000
  • OPR-TS7000
  • Detailed description

  • OPR-TS7000 HashCode Remove HDMI Encoder & Live Broadcast Device - The encoder is mounted in 1U chassis which realized 8 channel HDMI capture, real-time H.264 encoding, RTMP/UDP/RTP publishing. With highly integrated hardware and software, the equipment is convenience for customers to push RTMP streams to Media stream server, such as wowza, Xtream Codes, etc.

    This Encoder by compare with 2 STBs' HDMI input signals, automatically detect & hide the different video contents, such as the hashcode / video logo / watermark, etc.. *1

    Note: *1   a. Two STBs' output HDMI must be same channels (programs), and STB need to be same brand, same settings.
            b. The encoder can only output 4 hashcode remove streams when do compare for hide watermark.

    If need ASI output, pls click here, OPR-TS8000 HDMI to IP & ASI Converter with HashCode Remove functions.

    Need more information, click here, How it works?


    1. Can do 4 channels stream by remove / hide the Series Number.
    2. Output stream quality adjustable.
    3. Can add logo for your stream.
    4. Supports RTMP/UDP/RTP/HTTP protocols. (V3.4 Version added HTTP Stream supported)
    5. Software can be updated.

    Main Specs

  • Input Interface: 8-Channel HDMI
  • HDMI input: 1280*720P@50/60, 1080i@50/60.
  • Output Interface: RJ45 100/1000Mbps
  • Display output: DVI / HDMI
  • Output Protocols: RTMP/UDP/RTP/HTTP 
  • OS: Linux
  • Software: Preview & Live Stream Broadcast
  • Power: AC110/220V 50/60Hz

  • HDMI Input and the suggested stream quality as below,

    HDMI Input Stream Quality Stream Resolution 
    1080i@50/60 Super 1920*1080P@25/30
    Ultra 1440*1080P@25/30
    720P@50/60 Excellent 1280*720P@25/30   50/60
    Good 1120*630P@25/30   50/60
    Fair 960*540P@525/30   50/60
    Poor 800*468P@25/30     50/60
    Mobile 480*270P@25/30     50/60

    Detailed Products Information

    OPR-TS7000 - The standard 1 U chassis (45x482x250MM) with 8 Channels HDMI Card, power consumption is less than 70W.

    OPR-TS7000 HashCode Remove HDMI Encoder

    Product Connection Diagram

    STB TV receiver Hash codes remove encoder device

    Software - Setup & Run

    Can control each stream, also supports make stream to third party server, such as make stream to ustream.

    STB TV receiver Hash codes remove encoder device

    STB TV receiver watermark remover hide encoder device


    1) Click on the Channel drop-down list, chooses a channel number (1~8).
    2) Click on the Quality drop-down list, choose an encoding quality:
    3) Activate the RTMP settings bar (selected means activation), input the address and audio delay (0~8000 ms) of the streaming media server.
    4) Activate the UDP/RTP settings bar (hook means activation), type the address, port number (1024~65535) and audio delay (0~8000 ms) of the streaming media server.
    5) As a comparison (or reference) input, you need to set the channel number of its corresponding.
    6) Set new Logo and its location: activate "Add Logo Enable" function (hook means activation), the converted logo file into the specified directory, type x and y coordinate.
    7) After all settings are completed, click the "Save" button to save and exit.

    Accessores -
    Virtual HDMI Display Adapter
    Virtual HDMI Display Adapter is a device to cheat the computer connected with a HDMI display, when our Encoder connected by Teamviewer or your HDMI display not always on, you can connect it to encoder display port instead of HDMI display. 


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