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  • How to change password for the Video Encoders OS (HiLinux)

  • How to Change Password for the Encoder OS (HiLinux)

    Q: Why need to change the initial passwords of the encoder? Model: OPR-NH100, OPR-NH100P, OPR-NH100S, OPR-NH1600, etc,.
    A: If your encoder is connecting to internet directly, hacker may control the encoder, and do illegal activity. 

    Before use telnet, make ensure your windows computer installed the telnet client, or you need to install telnet client from Control Panel -Turn Windows features on or off as below shows: 

    Or use PuTTy to telnet the HiLinux.

    After installed the telnet client, do as below:
    1. Windows Key + R, input cmd

    2. Use telnet command, connect to the encoder, if your encoder IP is

    Press Enter key:

    Login user name: root press enter, for the initial passwords is blank or 'password', so just press enter again, then will Login into the HiLinux:

    3. How to change the password for username root:

    Input command:passwd

     Enter your new password, press enter key, will ask you retype password, after retype the password and press Enter, then will show: password for root changed by root, means the new password set ok.
    If not ensure the password is set ok, you can use telnet command connect to the Encoder to verify it.

  • 3/14/2018
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