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  • Oupree Encoder settings for HDR 4K videos using 10-bit x265

  • 1. Encoder settings,

    1.1 Select H.265 & Main 10 Profile
    Oupree  HDR 4K60  Video  Encoder Settings

    1.2 System-Advanced
    a. Select the EDID with HDR.
    b. Gamut: BT2020
    c. Dynamic Range: HDR Note: Please select the BT709&SDR if input video not HDR.
    Oupree  HDR 4K60  Video  Encoder System Settings

    2. Input Video Settings: Select the HDR output and 10bit if you can.
    2.1 For Apple TV
    Apple TV 4K-HDR output
    2.2For PC, enable the HDR, read here, https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4040263/windows-10-hdr-advanced-color-settings
    Windows HDR ouput

    3.Test the 4K HDR Video Streaming For VLC, default settings support the HDR playback. For PotPlayer, see below settings or install the HDR plugin.

    PotPlayer-HDR-Play back settings for OUPREE HDR VIDEO ENCODER
    4. Check the play back video codec,

    Oupree 4K HDR Encoder play back video codec


  • 5/22/2020
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