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  • OPR-NH800CS 8-Channel HDMI Encoder

  • OPR-NH800CS
  • OPR-NH800CS
  • Detailed description

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    • OPR-NH800CS 8-Channel HDMI Encoder & Live Broadcast Device - This encoder is designed for 1U chassis, and can capture 8 channels 1280*720P @ 50Hz / 60Hz HDMI video & audio, real-time HD.264 encoding, RTMP forward, stream to Wowza Media Server, Ustream web, etc. Comparing with present encoder, encoding efficiency is improved 50%, power consumption is dropped 65%. It's an innovative HD live stream encoder.



    • Input Interface: 8-Channel HDMI -PCI-Express x4
    • HD Format: 1280*720P @ 50/60 Hz
    • Output Interface: RJ45 100/1000Mbps
    • Power: AC110/220 50/60Hz
    • Recommend System: Windows 7 32-bit Operating System.
    • Software: Live Stream broadcast. 


      Detailed Products Information

      OPR-NH800CS - The standard 1 U chassis with 8 Channels HDMI Card, power consumption less than 70W.
      weight around 4kg,product dimension: 50cm*30cm*6cm, package dimension: 55cm*40cm*15cm

      8-Channel hdmi video Encoder to ustream, wowza media server

      multi-Channel hdmi video Encoder to ustream wowza media server

      Multi-Channel HDMI Capture Card

      Product Connection Diagram

      8-Channel HDMI Capture Card-connection Diagram

      Software - Setup & Run

      Can control each stream, also supports make stream to third party server, such as make stream to ustream.

      hdmi encoder supports ustream live stream


      1) Click on the Channel button, optional from 1 ~ 8 channel.

      2) Click on the Quality button, optional have Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor.

      3) Enter RTMP corresponding address.

      4) Click on the Change URL button, generates a 24 bit random address suffix.

      5) Click on the Start button, save Settings, send the address to the IPTV server, start the broadcast.


      The relationship between encoding quality and the average output stream:

      1) Excellent: 1.3Mbps around    1280*720

      2) Good: 1.0Mbps                   1120*630

      3) Fair: 800Kbps                      960*540

      4) Poor: 600Kbps                    800*468

      5) Mobile: 350Kbps                    480*270

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